Welcome to the new James Lear website

Greetings, readers. This website represents my first concerted effort to bring the James Lear oeuvre to the online community. I’ve had ‘presence’ on MySpace and Facebook over the years, but I think it’s time to get a proper, dedicated site together and share with you some of the strange and wonderful things that being a purveyor of quality smut brings my way.

So, here you’ll be able to find out a bit about all my novels, what inspired them, what kind of reaction they got and so forth. You’ll hear about new projects and you’ll probably hear me screaming in frustration as yet another TV or film producer says ‘hey, Jim, The Back Passage would make a grrrrreat film!’, and then, six months down the line, tells me that it’s too rude, too dated, too gay etc.

The thing you really need to know at this point is that all the novels are available in both physical and e-book form. I’ll be posting links to the places where you can buy them, but suffice to say that Amazon retails them all over the world.

In the UK click here, in the US click here, en France cliquez içi und in Deutschland klicken sie hier.

Also (and you’ll be hearing more about this), I’ve got a new one coming out in 2012 called The Hardest Thing. So brace yourselves.


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