The Secret Tunnel

After the success of The Back Passage, I decided to bring Mitch and Morgan back to investigate another murder mystery, this time set on the Flying Scotsman as it makes its way from Edinburgh to London. Again, this is an homage to Agatha (Murder on the Orient Express et al), but it’s also a paean to the erotic potential of public transport and the glamour of steam trains.


2 responses to “The Secret Tunnel

  1. Charles

    I came across your book “The Sticky End” by accident in our LGBT library where I work. I must admit the striking gentleman on the cover totally caught my eye. I was even more pleasantly surprised to find inside that it is really a good story.. I love detective fiction (I too read and reread Agatha Christie’s treasure trove of who-dun-its) and your combining it with some very hot sex, just the right amount to make the reader wish there were more,
    is masterful. I quickly ordered the other two books from the trilogy and am almost finished with “The Secret Tunnel.” I’m going to hate for it to end. Mitch and Morgan make such a dashing team. I’ve already found myself rereading parts of the other two books. My first thought had been to donate them to the library after I finished them but I can see that that definitely isn’t going to happen. They’re going to be part of my permanent collection. Now I’m going to have to go back to Amazon to check out your other books.

    • Well thank you very much! That’s made my day. You’ve read the trilogy in reverse order, as you probably figured out, but hopefully it doesn’t matter too much, there’s only a little bit of ongoing narrative throughout the three. My latest one, The Hardest Thing, is a bit of a change of pace – it’s contemporary, set in the US, and it’s a bit tougher and more realistic. Seems to be going down well. I may return to Mitch and Morgan in time – people do seem to love them. And so do I!

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